Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life, Love, and Beauty

Life has been wild these last three months with priceless moments I will hold forever. My second son left for his mission to Serbia, Russia. It’s been quiet in our home with him gone. His hobbie of rebuilding speakers and then playing his music that often made our windows dance to the rhythm of several different composers has been greatly missed. From the melody of Tchaikovsky's Symphony 4, IV FINALE, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, Maroon 5, David Guetta, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran and many more..Those last few I wrote I don’t think were his favorite, but he loved some of the songs. I miss him more each day, but at the same time feel greater peace that he is where he needs to be. His dimple, smile and the warmth of his embrace are held close to my heart each second, minute and hour of the day.

I have been observing others and watching how they interact…what makes a smile appear and what draws sadness painted on their faces. Some people cover their sadness with unspoken words, or they fill their days with meaningless time. I wonder how many people stay hidden in the walls of their homes to shelter them from feeling rejection. How many people use material things to fill the emptiness of loneliness?  

For me…I keep the memories that can never be bought or given to anyone and they are what help me to cope when trials come and rejection plays games with my feelings. Not often do I ever feel sad, but there are times I have had a day of havoc of not knowing which way is up.

The awesome thing is we are beautiful souls who all have a purpose in life. We can share a smile, or wave that sends a warmth of kindness. I love it when I can smile at a stranger and make their smile appear seconds after mine.

The world is full of love that goes unspoken. It doesn’t mean that it’s felt less deeply or that its separation leaves to clean the sore.

Its beauty and its pain are in its silence

Love cannot be spoken only shown and everything that makes the heart beat must be hushed. Do we all feel this way? Does anyone feel like they can never let their heart beat as they wished? Their heart locked deep in the silence of a sore unable to be nursed by the one you deeply love.