Friday, April 11, 2014

The End Always Has A Beginning

 My tears flowed, when I found these two pictures,
from my dad's 75th Birthday party,
with him surrounded by some of his grandchildren.
This was his last birthday and I will always cherish that time with him.
Six months later, I taped this computer paper to the rail of his hospital bed.
Even though he laid motionless in a induced coma,
I had a strong desire to put pictures of his loved ones near him.
My dear father gave an endless love to his family. 
His legacy of wealth is his,
fifteen Grandchildren,
twelve great grandchildren and
many more to come.
I believe an end always has a beginning.
first breath
first smile
first hug
first love
first pain
first thought
first loss
sometimes brings on new beginnings of
last memory
last smile
last joy
last touch
last smell
last wish upon a star.
Last breath
encircled with loved ones
who never ever let you go.
Life is too short to let those memories slip from your fingers.
I'm an orphan with my parents gone.
 I envy others who have a mother and father to be in their lives.
I would give anything to hear my father play the piano
or listen to my mother read a story or poem she wrote.
To have them come in my home and watch my children run to hug them.
To have my parents call me on my birthday and sing.
 I, my two brothers, and our grandchildren are blessed
with two angels in heaven
watching and praying over all of US.
Thanks Mom and Dad
for helping me realize how valuable parents and family are.
They are