Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Reasons Why We Hug

As human beings we hug to express a physical connection. There are several different reason why we hug.
We hug to give comfort after the death of a loved one.
We hug to congratulate a mother on her new born baby.
We hug to give appreciation for a gift.
We hug when we see someone after they have been gone for while.
We hug when someone gets their feelings hurt.
We hug each other as a greeting or as we are saying goodbye.
We hug to give reassurance during a difficult trial.
We hug to show affection to our boyfriend / girlfriend or spouse.
We hug before our loved one goes in for surgery.
We hug when we are happy.😀
We hug when we are sad.☹️
We hug when we feel empty inside.
We hug out of gratitude.
We hug for peace.
We hug to build our loved ones spirit.
We hug when we need a physical connection after a long day of work.
We hug at weddings.
We hug at graduations.
We hug to give compassion.
We hug to comfort.

A hug can build us up...and give us encouragement, a belonging and make us feel of value. A hug can change a mood, the environment, a person and a relationship. It can bring new light to sharing a level of affection. 

I will continue to think of other reasons why we as human beings have a desire to hug and be hugged. 
Word Origin and History for hug...In the 1560's a hug was to embrace. The noun was originally 1610's to hold in wrestling. Meaning "affectionateembrace" is from 1650s.
Can you think of reasons why we hug?