Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do Teenagers often feel like their parents are against them?

Elizabeth felt lied to when her mother told her she was going to the doctors, but instead took her to a mental hospital. Here part of a scene of what happened to Elizabeth.

I started to speak with more determination. “Mom, you can’t leave me here?”
I noticed my father as he walked away with his hand planted firmly on his head. He wanted to hug me I knew it, but he seemed upset with my mother and walked out the double doors that we entered through.
Mom looked up at me one last time. “I need to leave now, Elizabeth, and you will be fine here. Later, Dad and I will bring down some clothes for you.”
The nurse stopped my mother as she started to push herself with the use of her feet to roll her wheel chair forward.
“Oh, Mrs. Bell, Elizabeth won’t be able to have any items until after the twenty- four hour suicide watch. We will call you and let you know when those twenty- four hours are up.”
I cupped my hands together around my mouth and yelled, I didn’t care who heard me. “Mom, please, I beg you, don’t leave me here. I want to go home with you and Dad.”

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