Monday, January 19, 2015

Me...You...and Us.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow will be filled with, a new life, a new marriage, and a loss of a loved one.
How I dread spats, an arguments, and a disagreements, but love kind words, sweet conversations, and support.

Yesterday while driving on the freeway I thought about the circle of life, a cycle that begins with birth and ends with death. Its now my turn to experience first hand how the cycle of life unfolds as my grandchildren take their first step, say their first word, and give me their first hug.

How interesting it is that the toilet made its way into our homes. First the toilet was yards away from the house and finally won its way near our bedrooms.

Running water, electricity, and air conditioning are items I take for granted and I wonder if I should be more grateful. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful, but should I be more thankful.

Random thoughts have stirred unforgotten memories of using a manual type writer, talking on a phone connected to the wall, and hanging my clothes out on a clothes line.

Never did I fathom a hand held IPod, IPad, and laptop computer.  Items I use daily.

Me a person who wants to be liked, who wants to be loved, and wants to look normal. A person who wants to have a Mom and Dad. A person who loves flowers, writing, and giving service to others.
I, who wants to see the world through two eyes like everyone else.

Tomorrow, I will continue to see the world the way God wants me to see it...and that is through my one good eye.

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