Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's been months.

Writing my book has been a passion and desire. I crave writing like others crave chocolate.  I have edit my novel completely once with the help from a dear friend Anna and now I'm on my second round. It's been an experience I thought would be simple to do, but I have found it's painful, hard, and overwhelming.  It's like trying to climb a ladder with a ton of bricks on your back and you can't see the step to move forward.  When I look upward towards the end of the ladder I envision accomplishment. 

My reason for writing is to share with others my personal journey of different trials and to let others see we are all special with strength to overcome any obstacle that comes in our way.  Seeing the world through one eye has been sometimes a challenge and embarrassment. It's made we wonder if I mattered to others and myself.  I have wished on a million stars to wipe away these birth defects, but then I have come to realize how blessed I am.  When I hear about the German measles and parents not wanting to give their children the MMR shot it makes me sad.  I guess because I would of loved for my mother to have that shot so I wouldn't be living with this horrible disease called Congenital Rubella Syndrome.

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