Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do you ever feel ugly?

Does a pimple or a scar make you feel like a target for the label ugly? Do you feel whenever you walk into a room nobody can possibility feel as ugly as you feel?

Have you ever worked endlessly styling your hair and walked away from the mirror perturb that it doesn't look anything like you imagine it?

 There are so many of us that worry more about our outer appearance, than want is inside of us. It’s like a taking all your energy on decorating the outside of a cake, but not focusing on the ingredients that make the favor, texture and strength to hold the cake together.

I know for I strived to take care of my appearance, but I also tried to keep hold of my inner strength.

Each of us is worth more than we give ourselves credit for. We all can shine either through a smile, a wave and even a hello.

How can we shine?  How can we improve on our inner strength and use it to help another feel wanted. I have noticed when I reach out to others it makes me lose myself in them and my troubles seem like nothing.

I hope whoever reads this can see the value of their soul. You are beautiful  just the way you are.

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