Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why do I write?

When I write I feel a warmth as though a spark of sunshine is coming in through dark clouds.

Why I have had this strong desire to write. I guess it's because I want to share with the world my life...a life I knew I was given on purpose. 

Here is a little pargarph about me, before I took my first breath.

Seven months before her arrival, Pamela Shelton's parents, received the news from a medical professional that the German measles had infected their unborn baby girl. Doctors expressed a growing concerns as Pamela's due date approached. They grumbled that the German measles could and would cause countless physical impairments and health concerns in Pamela's life. These health concerns included blindness, hearing loss, heart murmurs, mental retardation, and mircocephaly.  Pamela's parents ignored those doctors suggesting abortion and turned their attention to their  God by praying for their daughter's safe arrival.


  1. Glad you were born. You are aweome and a great friend. Love you!!

  2. Kristi thanks for the kind words. It brought a smile to my face. Love you too.

  3. Pam
    Your writing is beautiful.. It really makes me want to get back to writing too. Thanks for your inspiration. Keep writing!!