Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Poems I wrote in my youth.


 I do not understand
   Why friendships are so expensive?
   Why money attract a friendship?
   Why jealously is so famous?
But most of all I do not understand
  Why people have to argue,
   and always have to fight.
   Year after year hurt people lives 
   with anger and lies.
What I understand most are relationships
   With true love and happy times,
   faith with in the heart and,
   A smile that last a life time.
Written by Pamela Shelton 9-19-1982
I entered this next poem in a state poetry contest and won first place.


Who am I?
Not a person you see
and know.
I am an actor,
choosing my parts carefully.
Bright, friendly, happy
are the characters I play.
Your world is my stage, and
it is so easy to play my roles,
deny the real me.
I have an impregnable wall
Behind which I hide myself.
Sadness, despair, and hate
Raise their ugly heads
And parade my inadequacy
to the world.
Some actors are fulfilled,
someday I hope to be.
I'm not sure to have
a "real myself" to be.
Written by Pamela Shelton 11-1982
The poem below I wrote during a difficult time in my youth.


Please God,
Help me never to rush the years,
and let my heart remain a little girls.
So that it may know
only April tears
with tiny rosebuds dreams
deep in it's ferns
Let my life be a brand new day
where ever I go
help me to keep my tip toes
Eagerness and be a place
Where loveliness may grow.
I guess one wish could cover
Every other.
If you would just help me
grow up to be
the kind of daughter
that my dad and mother were
dreaming of
when they first ordered me.
Written by Pamela Shelton 6-1982

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