Monday, August 10, 2015

Blind In One Eye Out Weighs The Negetives


1.) Accidentally bump into people.
2.) Constantly have people ask, "Move please, I need to get down that isle.
3.) When something gets in my left eye, I miss whatever is happening at the time...
 like the ending to a movie, my child or grandchild's smile and so much more.
4.) Miss bits and pieces to instructions that are verbally given with hand movements.
5.) Miss out on whatever is happening to the right of me.


I've learned over the years to be grateful for the vision in my left eye. 
I could be completely blind and unable to...

1.) Take pictures of my family.
2.) Sew clothes for my family.
3.) Drive a car.
4.) Read to my children and grandchildren.
5.) Help my children with homework.
6.) Pick out my wedding dress.
7.) Enjoy Christmas lights and fall leaves.
8.) Be aware of someones needs and help them.
9.) Clean my house.
10.) Go on hikes.
11.) Ice Skate.
12.) Cook for my family.

My list could go on with all the reasons I'm blessed to have vision in one eye. 
Sometimes I sense that I'm missing something to the right of me, 
but I tell myself that empty whole is to help me focus on 
what really matters.

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